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Reno Dental Associates provides personalized dental care to thousands of families. Our patients come from near and far to experience the warm, individualized care we provide. We take pride in being Reno dentists utilizing the most modern equipment and methods available.

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Reno Dental Associates is proud to offer a variety of dental services. Your Reno Dentist for Cleanings and Dentures, to Extractions and TMJ treatment.


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We also offer many cosmetic dental options that let you smile with confidence where ever, and when ever.


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5 Reasons You Should Choose Dental Implants

Did you know you don’t have to get dentures if you don’t want them? Dental implants are popular and, best, people can’t tell you have them. Dental implants give you the youthful appearance you want, even if life experience has taken its toll on your teeth. Here are some of the benefits of dental implants. […]

Say Cheese! Teeth Whitening Has More Benefits Than Just a Pretty Smile.

In Reno, a bright white smile can take you a long way in your career, relationships, and personal pursuits. Teeth whitening is a great way to make a lasting impression. However, some may be sitting on the fence. Is teeth whitening worth the cost? Are there benefits to teeth whitening that go beyond just a […]

Why You Should Consult a Dentist for Teeth Whitening

If you’ve come across this post looking for teeth whitening treatment in Reno, you may be wondering if going to a cosmetic dentist is really necessary. After all, aren’t there loads of products available online or over the counter promising to perfectly whiten teeth? And aren’t they considerably cheaper than visiting the dentist? At Reno […]

Dentist Tips: 5 Ways to Make a Healthier Mouth and Person

What’s better than having your mouth poked and vacuumed under a hot lamp? Well, a few things. Let’s be honest, whether you’re in Reno, NV, or New York City, the feelings around trips to the dentist are generally the same: it hurts, and all the nights you almost flossed don’t amount to much once that […]