Reno Dental Associates offers dental veneers to perfect patients teeth. The veneers can correct imperfections in teeth such as gaps, cracks, discoloration, and misalignment. Veneers are one of the more popular dental procedures as they are generally pain free.

Our porcelain veneers are sure to improve your self image and will have you feeling much better about your appearance. Let dental associates in Reno, Nevada maintain your smile for a lifetime. Schedule an appointment with our experienced dental team today.

reno veneers

The Reno Veneers Process


Veneers are used to perfect a beautiful smile. Veneers are a procedure where a covering is placed on the visible area of the teeth. Generally they will only be used on the teeth that are visible when smiling.

Veneers have an advantage over crowns in that much less of the tooth material is removed. The procedure is generally less comfortable than crowns. Veneers are recommended for teeth with large fillings or limited tooth structure.


The technique used to apply a direct veneer is bonding. A composite resin is used to bond the veneer to the outside of the tooth.


The indirect veneer technique usually requires two appointments. During the first, the teeth are prepared, impressions are taken, and your teeth are given a temporary covering.

Within two to three weeks the veneers will return from the laboratory. The temporary covering will be removed and the veneers will be bonded on to your teeth.
The veneers are fabricated using porcelain or pressed ceramic. These materials present the most pleasing aesthetic result.

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