Crowns & Bridges

Reno dental crowns & bridges are a recommended procedure to restore and enhance teeth. Crowning is used to cover the entire area of the tooth that has been damaged. It is also commonly referred to as a cap. Crowns help strengthen teeth, but aesthetically it improves the appearance of the smile, shape and alignment.

Crowns and Bridges

What are Crowns & Bridges used for?


Bridges are used to replace missing teeth. The implant surrounds the tooth gap, preventing other teeth from rotating and shifting. It will help you avoid a bad bite. In other words, bridges are a cosmetic and functional option. The procedure is performed on one or more artificial teeth, cementing them into place.

Crowns and bridges may be used to:

  • Take the place of damaged teeth
  • Replace large fillings where little tooth structure remains
  • Protect and restore a tooth fracture
  • Attach a bridge
  • Cover a dental implant
  • Cover a discolored or poorly shaped tooth
  • Cover a tooth that has had root canal treatment


Aesthetically, bridges and crowns come in many styles such as gold, porcelain bonded to metal alloy or all ceramic material.

When should I choose a Dental Crown?


Your local Nevada dental associates and doctors at Reno Dental Associates may determine that a dental crown is necessary for a number of reasons.

Reasons a Crown may be necessary:

  • A large, failed dental filling
  • Severe, deep cavities
  • Been treated with root canal therapy
  • Has been broken, fractured or has excessive wear
  • An unsightly, discolored appearance

Which Dental Crown should I choose?


Our qualified dentists at Reno Dental Associates recommend porcelain dental crowns. Porcelain crowns restore your tooth’s function and attractive appearance by completely covering the tooth and gumline. A porcelain crown can withstand the daily force of biting and chewing while maintaining a lustrous sheen.

Each crown is uniquely crafted out of quality porcelain to fit your tooth. If you are missing a tooth, a porcelain crown combined with a dental implant is the perfect replacement. Your porcelain dental crown’s durability will protect your remaining healthy tooth from any further damage.


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