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Our Reno family dentistry team is experienced, established and well-known in the community for excellence. We have built our practice on referrals from our clients! We have multiple doctors and on our team so that you can choose a doctor to fit your specific needs. Our goal as Northern Nevada dental associates is to ensure you are 100% comfortable while you trust us as your Reno dentist. We provide all types of family dentistry services in from standard cleanings and dentures to crowns, bridges, and extractions. Reno Dental Associates will also provide cosmetic dental options including teeth whitening, Invisalign, and implants.

Learn more about the services we offer or review our blog posts to educate yourself on proper dental hygiene care.

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Tips for Making Your Children Comfortable at The Dentist’s Office

The dentist office can be scary for anyone. Hearing the sounds of a drill working away and seeing the sharp instruments can be nerve-wracking, and this is no different for your little ones. It’s important to get your kids comfortable with seeing the dentist so that they will be excited for future appointments. Brushing and […]

Fun Facts About Teeth

Teeth are a very important part of your body. Without your teeth you would not be able to smile to others, eat the food you love, or talk to people. We all know that seeing your dentist and brushing your teeth regularly will keep your teeth healthy, but do you know these fun facts? Did […]

Best Foods for Your Teeth and Gums

It is becoming more common for people to research the health value of the foods they are consuming. Gaining more knowledge to ensure a healthy lifestyle is important to younger generations. Although we may be focused on how to gain or lose weight easily, there are other benefits food can have. If you have ever […]

Cosmetic Dental Options

Smiling is an attractive trait on any person. When we smile it shows genuineness and delight, however, it also is the first thing people see. Not having the picture perfect smile or the dream smile you want can make you self conscious. There are multiple cosmetic dental options that might fit your needs to get […]