Gum Surgery

Gum surgery can be an intimidating concept when it is recommended as part of a treatment plan. However, there are many types of gum surgeries and each can accomplish different goals. In the end, Reno gum surgery improves your teeth, gums, tooth roots, and your overall quality of life.

Is Surgery Necessary?

Many times surgery is necessary to help improve the shape and position of the gums so that other dental procedures such as crowns and veneers will look and function better. Certain gum surgeries can also help to cover exposed root surfaces that are sensitive or displeasing to look at.

gum surgery

Also, a surgical approach to managing gum disease is often needed to build back lost gum and bone structures and to create a healthy environment that can be easily cleaned with proper home care.

Gum surgery can be used to:

  • Cover exposed tooth root surfaces
  • Help with sensitive teeth
  • Correct areas of gum disease
  • Improve aesthetics of existing teeth and gums


Gingivoplasty is a form of surgery where the healthy gum tissue is shaped around areas of tooth recession. In some case, healthy gum tissue can be grafted from the roof of the mouth. Gingivoplasty will improve the overall look of the gums.


Some people may find that there is a buildup of gum tissue around the roots of their teeth. In this case, a gingivectomy would need to be performed. This surgery involves removing excess gum tissue around the teeth to make cleaning easier.

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