Minty fresh breath helps you leave a great first impression with anyone you meet, but sometimes we neglect our dental routine. Get back on track this summer with a few tips from the team here at Reno Dental Associates:

Brush Morning and Night

A consistent routine is key to preventing plaque buildup and possible cavities. Brush teeth twice a day and floss at least once (more on that later!) but don’t overdo your routine. If excessive brushing occurs you can wear down your teeth and make them vulnerable to decay.

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Use Mouthwash

Antibacterial mouthwash kills the germs in all the cracks and crevices in your mouth, even on the tongue. That’s why it’s helpful to rinse with water after meals because it will neutralize any acids to keep your teeth and gums protected.

Use Floss

If you’re only flossing when you have something stuck in your teeth, that isn’t enough! Combined with consistent brushing, flossing is like a one-two punch against plaque and leftover food particles to keep your mouth clean. We recommend flossing daily.

Always Use Dentist Recommended Products

They’re trusted for a reason. Toothpaste with antibacterial properties has been shown to reduce bad breath, for example. Regularly swapping out your toothbrush for a soft-bristled one every three to four months is key to good oral health too.

If you wear dentures or a dental bridge, give it a thorough cleaning every day. The same goes for retainers or mouth guards. Ask your dentist for recommendations on the best cleaning products.

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Scrub Your Tongue

This step is often overlooked by a lot of patients! Microbes also known as anaerobic oral bacteria rest on your tongue and significantly contribute to bad breath.

Other quick tips include quitting tobacco and chewing more gum. Not only will kicking the smoking habit prevent certain cancers and improve your overall health, your teeth will be less yellow and damaged.

See your Dentist Regularly

If your routine still leaves you with bad breath, make an appointment with your dentist to see if these issues pertain to additional health issues.

With routine visits, dentists can provide teeth cleanings in Reno NV that remove tartar and any gum health issues that result in bad breath.

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Make A Dental Appointment Today

At Reno Dental Associates, we can help you achieve the smile of your dreams this summer. Our team of Nevada dentists are established and well known in the community for their excellence. See for yourself today!

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