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What to Know When Selecting a Reno Cosmetic Dentist

Thursday, November 16th, 2017

teeth fixed with bracesYour oral health is paramount to good health overall. The desire for great-looking teeth and a healthy mouth is important to our day-to-day lives. Therefore, it is no wonder why many want to find the best dentist possible.

For those in need of cosmetic dental work, this is even more important. Anybody who has experienced the pain of a diminished smile wants results quickly, affordably and of a quality nature. If you’re looking for a Reno cosmetic dentist and want to know how to find the best, keep reading.

Look for Testimonials

When deciding on any Reno cosmetic dentist, you first need to consider what other people are saying. As such, perusing the reviews and testimonials of those who have had work done prior is absolutely crucial.

You don’t want to take a leap of faith when it comes to having major dental work done. Be sure that whoever you’re considering has an extensive reputation with positive reviews and testimonials. Otherwise, you’re taking a gamble, and one that you really can’t afford to take.

Examine Their Work

Any great Reno cosmetic dentist who will be more than happy to show you before and after shots of the work they’ve done. This can be one great way to inspect exactly how much of a transformation you can expect with comparable dental cosmetic surgery.

Most dentist offices that specialize in cosmetic surgery take plenty of pictures showing before and after. Some even offer their patients a discount for allowing them to do so. Before you agree to any work, ask any prospective dentists you’re considering to provide you with some examples of what they’ve done.

Evaluate Their Qualifications

You may find plenty of positive reviews online about some Reno cosmetic dentists, including before and after samples. However, you absolutely need to inspect their qualifications as well. In the age of the internet, you can find out where almost any dentist went to school, what courses they took and whether or not they’re AACD certified.

The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry is the ideal certification you’re looking for from a dentist. Cosmetic dentists who hold this certification are those who have kept up-to-date with techniques, attended industry-specific seminars and trainings, and are generally the best of the best.

Have a Consultation

Before you commit to any work from a Reno cosmetic dentist, it’s important to have a sit-down meeting and explain what it is you need. Not only will this help you determine what is and isn’t possible, but it’ll help you learn more about the dentist before making any commitment. If you feel comfortable after consulting with a dentist over major dental work, then you’ll be better equipped to choose the right dentist for you.

At the end of the day, you should treat cosmetic dental surgery like any other major surgery. By shopping around, comparing qualifications, examining reviews and qualifications, and inspecting past work, you’ll help eliminate any Reno cosmetic dentists who just aren’t up to par.

Learn more about cosmetic dental surgery from Reno Dental Associates. or call us for a consultation. 775.786.3400.

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Reno Tooth Extraction: Wisdom Teeth

Tuesday, April 18th, 2017

reno tooth extraction wisdom teeth removal
Reaching the age where you think you may need a Reno tooth extraction to get your wisdom teeth removed? Did your dentist recommend it? If you’re feeling pain in the very back of your mouth, it may be time to start thinking about having your wisdom teeth removed. Most young adults that need a wisdom tooth extraction have the teeth come in between 16 and 20 years old. Your dentist can provide X-rays and the best recommendations for as to whether a Reno tooth extraction is needed, and when.

So you need to have your wisdom teeth taken out. Knowing what to expect and asking questions of your dentist or oral surgeon can make this procedure feel less daunting. Reno Dental Associates has dentists that can help you through your whole Reno tooth extraction procedure with care!

During Your Reno Tooth Extraction Procedure

Before your procedure begins, you’ll be given local anesthesia. With a local anesthesia tooth extraction, you’ll have a numbing agent injected into your gums. Your dentist will numb your gums slightly before injecting the local anesthetic. With this anesthetic, you’ll still remember your extraction procedure and be aware of what is going on, but you will not notice pain.

While your first oral surgery can be nerve-wracking, remember that this is a fairly routine procedure that many people will undergo in their life.

The Procedure

The procedure for a Reno tooth extraction is fairly simple and most often routine from patient to patient.
The dentist or oral surgeon will first expose your tooth and bone with a small incision in your gums.
Your dentist will assess the easiest way to access the tooth, which may include removing bone in the way or removing the tooth in sections.
After removing the tooth, your dentist or oral surgeon will remove any leftover debris from your gums.
Often dentists will then stitch the tooth extraction site closed to help increase the rate of healing.
Lastly, your Reno dentist or oral surgeon will pack gauze over the extraction site to help stem bleeding. This will carry straight into your care routine over the next several days.

Post Reno Tooth Extraction Care

After your Reno tooth extraction procedure, your dentist or oral surgeon will provide you with detailed instructions to care for your mouth. A wisdom tooth extraction, although routine, will often cause some bruising and pain for several days following the procedure. Your best option is to plan your surgery during a time when you can take a few days off of any strenuous activities; this will help you manage the pain and hopefully increase the speed of healing!

Listed below are some of the most common tips for handling post-op care:

These are just a few tips to get you thinking about your post-operation care, but always follow the instructions of your dentist or oral surgeon and contact them with any questions or concerns you may have!

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How to Get Whiter Teeth at Home

Thursday, October 22nd, 2015

If you are unhappy with the color of your teeth, rest assured you are not alone.

Millions of people each year take work to ensure their pearly whites are indeed white, using a variety of methods from at home remedies to professional teeth whiting treatments. If you are wondering how to get whiter teeth or how to keep teeth white, follow these proven tips for whiter teeth at home.

Avoid Foods that Stain Teeth

One of most simple of measures in getting whiter teeth is avoiding things that stain teeth, including certain foods and beverages. The rule of thumb for what stains teeth is that if it is dark in color before consuming, it will most likely end up staining your teeth. Red wine and black tea are major culprits of foods that stain teeth while berries and red or dark-colored sauces are lesser known but still powerful.

Similarly, sweets, sports drinks, and colas can all cause stained teeth in the long-run. Knowing specifically what foods stain teeth can help you fight the ongoing battle against staining your teeth, and will keep your teeth whitening methods from wearing off quickly.

If you can’t stay away from foods that stain your teeth, be proactive in using a straw for your dark-colored drinks to keep them away from your teeth. Also, swallow promptly after chewing or drinking, so the food doesn’t settle. Finally, rinse or swish with water after drinking or eating to help get whiter teeth.

Add Crunchy Foods

High on the list of tips for whiter teeth is the addition of crunchy foods to your diet. Similar to your toothbrush, crunchy foods provide an abrasiveness that works to remove stains without the need for harsh chemicals that could hurt your tooth enamel. Foods like apples, carrots, and celery are great choices for a “natural” toothbrush.

Brush (and Floss)woman flossing her white teeth Regularly

A common sense answer to “how to get whiter teeth,” is utilizing regular dental hygiene. It is recommended that your take time to brush your teeth as soon as you wake up in the morning, and again right before heading to bed. It is also important to floss to ensure you are removing as much leftover food and bacteria as possible each day.

Don’t Skip Your Dental Appointment

While a healthy diet, regular brushing, and consistent flossing are helpful ways to whiten teeth, they are no substitute for regular visits with your dentist. Your dental provider is the only person who can tell you how clean your mouth truly is, no matter what you are using as ways to whiten teeth. Additionally, natural teeth whitening treatments fade over time, so it is necessary to see your dentist for cleanings and potential alternatives over time. Your dentist may also be able to answer specific questions you have about how to get your teeth whiter through methods other than at-home solutions.

If it has been some time since your last dental check-up, or you have concerns about how to get whiter teeth, at Reno Dental Associates to discuss your options for care.

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Everything about Dental Sealants

Monday, July 20th, 2015

The Importance of Dental Sealants

Dental hygiene, like brushing and flossing, is an important skill to master early in life. While there are plenty of ways to make it enjoyable and feel less like a chore each morning and night, children may not get the complete hang of keeping their mouths as healthy as they can be before cavities start to appear.

In an effort to help prevent cavities, some Reno dentists offer dental sealants in addition to regular brushing. To understand if you should get dental sealants, it is helpful to first answer, “what is a dental sealant?

What are Dental Sealants?

Dental sealants, also referred to as teeth sealants, are a thin coating made of plastic that is plteeth sealantaced on the top or bottom of the teeth where chewing occurs. In most cases, dentists use teeth sealants on premolars and molars to help reduce the potential for tooth decay. Teeth sealants block out plaque as well as food from a protective thin shield applied to the tooth.

When and How are Dental Sealants Applied?

Dentists use dental sealants as a cavity prevention technique for children and teenagers. However, at times Reno dentists will offer dental sealants for adults who do not have decay or multiple fillings.

For children and teenagers, dentists apply sealants on permanent molars and premolars shortly after the teeth come in. A dentist will apply a teeth sealants based on the potential to prevent cavities.

In some cases, dentists may prescribe sealants for baby teeth, but dentists will need to reapply the sealants more frequently. Your dentist will apply dental sealants in a similar manner, regardless of your age. Your dentist beings the procedure by providing a thorough cleaning of the teeth where he will apply the teeth sealants. Next follows a process of complete drying.

Your dentist will pack a cotton ball around the treated tooth to keep it free from moisture during the application.

Then, your dentist will place an acid solution on the chewing surface of each tooth. The acid solution will create the roughness necessary for the sealant to bond with the tooth. Your dentist will repeat the process of rinsing and drying. Then, they will paint the sealant carefully on to each treated tooth.

Your dentist may use a specialized light to expedite the hardening process to the sealant.

dental sealantsHow to Prevent Cavities with Dental Sealants

Because your toothbrush isn’t designed to get into the deeper grooves present on the chewing surface of your teeth, you may find a tooth sealant to be helpful in cavity prevention. For children and adults, dental sealants last up to ten years. Don’t forget to have your sealants checked during regular exams with your Reno dentist.

From their long-lasting nature, dental sealants have the potential to keep children’s teeth healthy and cavity-free during the most important years of dental hygiene.

Adults who are candidates for teeth sealants also benefit from the simple procedure. Adults with sealants can remain without the occurrence of cavities for an extended period of time.

If you are wondering how sealants may be beneficial to you or your child, contact our office today to schedule your next dental check-up. Our experienced team can provide all the information you need. Contact Reno Dental Associates today.

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A Fresh New Website

Thursday, June 18th, 2015

A Clean Start

Even websites need to come in for a deep clean.


The Old Website

Our old website was outdated and unattractive by today’s standards. Luckily, the best web design company in town stepped in to create a custom website worth smiling about. OCG Creative helped us every step of the way from content curation and organizational structure, to web design and development.

A Breath of Fresh Air

Not only is the website faster and better organized for an enjoyable user experience, but Reno Dental Associates is optimized for mobile. That means you can visit our site on phones and tablets, and it will reform to your screen size as if it was an app. Having a simple, easy to navigate, user experience was key to our needs moving forward with the digital space.

For all Reno Dental Associate updates, follow us on Google Plus or Facebook.NEWrda


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