According to prominent studies, about one in eight adults have dentin hypersensitivity, otherwise known as teeth sensitivity. You may fall into this category if you’re experiencing tooth discomfort under any of the following conditions:

  • Teeth very sensitive to cold, hot, acidic, or sweet foods & drinks
  • Discomfort when brushing or flossing
  • Pain when using mouth rinses that contain alcohol
  • A nerve-chilling sensation when breathing in cold air

teeth very sensitive to cold

Causes of Teeth Sensitivity

Dentin hypersensitivity is commonly caused by the breakdown of enamel on chewing surfaces and the gum line. When the protective enamel is worn away, it can expose the underlying dentin within the tooth. Dentin is a layer of microscopic tubules that, when exposed, allow hot, cold, acidic, or sticky foods to reach the nerve endings in your teeth. When nerves are exposed to stimuli, this causes the shooting pain and overall discomfort you may be experiencing on certain teeth.

Some other causes of tooth sensitivity are:

  • Tooth decay (cavities)
  • Worn fillings
  • Fractured teeth
  • Exposed tooth roots
  • Gum disease
  • Sinus infection

Treatments for Tooth Sensitivity

To properly diagnose your unique symptoms, visit the best dentist in Reno for these types of cases: Reno Dental Associates. Our knowledgeable staff can assist with a treatment plan to address your sensitive teeth, and may advise the following:

Toothpaste for Sensitive Teeth: There are several toothpastes on the market formulated to alleviate symptoms. These, along with a soft-bristled tooth brush, can help to restore your enamel.

Sensitive Tooth Mouthwash: Similarly to toothpaste, you’ll find sensitive tooth mouthwashes in the hygiene isle of your grocery store. Rinsing regularly can restore your tooth and reduce symptoms.

Fluoride treatments: It’s always recommended that you opt for a fluoride treatment at the end of your regularly-scheduled cleaning. Additionally, our dentists can apply fluoride more liberally to affected areas to encourage enamel regrowth.

Dental Feature Restoration: Even the best fillings and crowns degrade with normal wear and tear. We can restore them to their former glory, or affix a new dental feature to seal up affected areas and protect your tooth’s dentin.

Mouthguards: Grinding / clenching while asleep can be addressed by providing a custom mouthguard for you to wear at night.

Root canal: In more serious cases, your dentist may recommend a root canal to eliminate the problem completely. Though the thought of this procedure may be scary, our staff takes the utmost care to make it painless.

Visit Reno Dental Associates for Sensitive Teeth Treatment

If you’re asking yourself, “why are my teeth sensitive to cold, hot, and other delicious foods?”, you’re not alone. Tooth sensitivity is a common symptom that our practice sees, and we’re here to get to the root of the problem so you can go back to enjoying the foods you love. Schedule an appointment with Reno Dental Associates for expert diagnoses and treatment for sensitive teeth.

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